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Installing solar power is the optimal solution to save factory costs. Today, this installation trend is increasing, especially in the context of electricity prices skyrocketing during peak hours. In this article, let’s find out the great benefits that it brings.

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Installing solar power is the optimal solution to save factory costs. Today, this installation trend is increasing, especially in the context of electricity prices skyrocketing during peak hours. In this article, let’s find out the great benefits that it brings.

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Install solar power system

1. What are the benefits of installing solar power in factories?

Reduce electricity costs

The monthly electricity bill is always a huge expense for businesses. Currently, the price of electricity increases, leading to high product costs, and therefore, market competition decreases. To solve this problem, installing solar power is the most cost-effective option. This power system helps you create your power source. This way, you will use less electricity from the supplier. That means fewer electricity bills. It installation solutions are suitable for every family in Vietnam in particular and the world in general.

Reduce factory temperature

The solar power system also helps to reduce the temperature on the roof of the factory a lot. Solar panels help reduce the temperature by about 5-10 °C while reducing the power consumption of the air conditioner.

Environmental Protection

Sunlight is considered an inexhaustible resource. Therefore, people can make the most of the resources. Thanks to solar power, the potential for the greenhouse effect is much less. This energy source also has many good benefits for the environment compared to other energy. Do not pollute the water source, the atmosphere and do not discharge waste to the outside. This is a solution to make the most of, contributing to reducing noise in bustling urban areas.

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Installing a solar power system helps to protect the environment

Solar power can be applied anywhere

As long as there is sunlight, solar power can be installed anywhere. Not just factories. Thanks to that, places without electricity have more conditions to take care of life. Around the world, a large number of people live in poverty, without electricity. It system generates a new source of electricity.

Is a long-term investment solution

If installing solar power correctly, you will have less initial and maintenance costs, In addition, the system also helps to pay back after 4-6 years. The durability of solar cells can consume electricity from 25-30 years. So business owners can worry less about this expense.

2.VixCons – Package solar power installation consultant

VixCons, formerly a company that provides measuring equipment and specializes in electrical construction, We are one of the first pioneers in Vietnam in the field of solar power. We are almost the first units to implement rooftop projects when there is no mechanism to buy electricity. We are always the top trusted place for customers to put their trust in the quality and stable system. From the financial ability to capacity we always guarantee for customers.

VixCons was born to fulfill that mission, bringing clean energy solutions to life. We believe that one more company born with the goal of providing clean energy solutions will have one more opportunity to save the environment. We strongly believe that, if VixCons‘ clean energy solution can satisfy everyone’s convenience with the most effective investment cost, then VixCons is playing a key role in bringing a clean environment to life. living.

The service we provide

  • Customers coming to VixCons can optionally choose suitable services such as:
  • Consulting and installation of the solar package
  • System rental
  • Cleaning and cleaning the solar panel system
  • Rooftop, Standalone system.
  • Grid-connected  system.
  • Distribution of solar batteries, inverters.
  • Consultancy on the design of plants
  • Repairing solar battery products, inverter systems that are not sold by GPsolar (If installed, GPsolar will be warranted according to regulations)

If you are looking for a reputable solar power system installer for your factory, come to VixCons. We are ready to advise you to choose the most suitable and most economical system..

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