VixFurniture is a subsidiary of DVHGroup Investment Company. The unit operates in such fields as design, construction, and supply of office furniture. With a variety of products in parallel with many service packages with core values. Customers are an inevitable factor that the company puts on top. With VixFurniture, the actual value that we bring to customers is deeply humane. In addition, it also emphasizes the element of shared responsibility for each individual. Our brand is increasingly aiming for future development, sustainable development with a long-term competitive advantage.
Founded in October 2016, VixFurniture is an active business and has always been at the forefront of the furniture industry. Here, we specialize in supplying and manufacturing a variety of products, in the form of tables and chairs, cabinets, office interior design, etc. Besides, with a staff of many years of experience, always creative and learning. question and expertise. Bring yourself a professional working style. Make design options according to user style. Pay attention to the colors and furniture used. This is the beauty of art. From the overall look and harmony. Help customers allocate areas for the reception lobby, receive guests, design an open space right in the staff area. Using the above services helps the company save a lot of costs. We are confident that we will bring customers the best quality product line. With a quick working process, and preferential policies, warranties, and prices, always meet the needs of customers.
Experiencing many projects with accumulated experience. VixFurniture focuses on using features to promote the brand. To enhance value – VixFurniture always accompanies and brings a comfortable interior space with its style. We provide a comprehensive solution, creating a solid foundation from the very beginning for success in the hearts of customers. Immediately contact VixFurniture so that your company can own a modern, most convenient environment. Let our mission be to serve the needs of our customers.
VixFurniture’s mission is to constantly improve product quality, improve machinery and equipment to achieve the best productivity, and offer the most effective solutions in providing comprehensive construction and installation solutions. office furniture products, bring comfort, increase work efficiency, ensure the health of users according to international standards.
Through the products that VixFurniture provides to customers, we hope that our customers will have the best experience with high-quality products while providing a modern working space. and stay comfortable with the latest interior trends that enhance productivity and efficiency in increasingly competitive work.
The continuous development of the entire company, now the product samples of the VixFurniture brand have been distributed at more than 80 agents across the country to provide products in a timely manner and with the best quality to meet the needs of customers. increasing demand of customers with hundreds of models of office chairs and desks with a variety of designs and product categories.