GPLease is an agent in the field of industrial real estate. Under the investment company DVHGroup. GPLease is a solid foundation, being evaluated as the number one real estate brand in Vietnam. With a business form, management, and outstanding development speed. Operating in such a competitive and large-scale market, businesses always control transactions well. To secure a foothold, reduce risks, and protect the interests of your business as well as your partners.


Up to now, GPLease brings high-class service quality, leading in the market. Carrying a great mission, always pioneering to lead the real estate market to quickly reach the international level. Besides, with a team of experienced and deep expertise in industry and logistics. Over the years of development, human resources and service quality are two parallel criteria. The purpose of scaling, to solve the problem of demand quickly and professionally. In the real estate operating model in the Vietnamese market.


Real estate is a market that has a great influence on the economy. Because these are all assets of great economic value. Currently, this type of market includes additional transactions through currencies. Admittedly, real estate always has a big gap between goods & transaction points; besides being regional,… and many other issues. Therefore, to enter this field, what you need is to find a reputable real estate business that has such value in the newly exploited field. Let GPLease bring efficiency to customers


What GPLease always puts first is customer value. Providing the best service to customers is the core of a company. Representatives of experts, who have many years of experience in market research and external businesses, directly support customer needs in all aspects. At the same time, meeting all-electrical services in multi-industry industries. Currently, from market entry, leasing, investment, appraisal, development, merger, integration to planning and development, etc., GPLease always carries a value of class service. This is one of the leading real estate brands in the current trend.