VixOffice is a construction company under DVHGroup. From the perspective of a real estate business, the needs and tastes of users change over time. If the real estate offices are large houses, with many rooms considered as accommodation. Until now, the real estate office is increasingly focused and cared for more in terms of form. Because this is also considered the face of a company. The reception of customers to consult on real estate transactions. The design of a real estate office is very important, helping to create a good impression in the hearts of customers, from a direct look. Therefore, VixOffice has formed services to provide including industrial park design/construction, consulting in the field of factory construction, construction of the factory area, solar power, and construction design. build MEP Design an office, in order to build up a practical and professional working environment for employees.


Besides, creating a common space to welcome customers and other offices. With modern office designs, minimalist, sophisticated, or classic style. Even more ideal is the combination with green space, outdoor area with modern equipment… Up to now, this is the trend of real estate office that is of leading interest in the world. Using a unique office will also show the class of a brand, full of prestige in the market. Not only for customers but also for investors. Office space is a place that shows the size of a company or business.


Coming to VixOffice will help you have an office according to your requirements. As a company with construction services of real estate offices, bringing the standard of an interior. We are confident to decorate the office to be impressive. With an experienced team, professional design process, and a determined attitude to support customers. To own separate space, with the right brand color characteristics. VixOffice will support customers with creativity in 10 years of experience.


The VixOffice creative team works on spatial planning and design concepts that will encapsulate your corporate identity and core values, to deliver the desired business solution. We will work around the limitations, to ensure that the design intent for our clients is fulfilled to provide a total solution. Office Design