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Relocating offices should not have to be daunting. In fact, it could be an exciting and creative experience that will be a pivotal point in achieving your strategic business goals. Working with an office relocation partner that has the expertise and resources to provide you a turnkey solution really does make sense and can save you significant time and money.

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Moving and refurbishing an office can be one of the most costly and difficult things to do for your company. Things can be much simpler when it comes to the option of relocating the DHV-group company’s office. We’ll ensure operational efficiency and make your office move as quick as clockwork. Deliver the project on time at the most reasonable cost.
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office relocation

Why should you choose DHV-group’s package office moving service?

The company has a team of professionals and drivers who are well-trained, professional, and best quality.
With the best price in the market. In addition to the cost of moving an all-inclusive office, customers using the service will not incur any other costs.
Transactions of transport contracts are clear and transparent, ensuring full benefits for both parties. There is a fully legal basis for the state and is stamped with the red border of the DHV-Group Company.
The staff advises and plans shipping options to save customers the most with preferential costs along with the fastest shipping time for customers.
All customer’s belongings are sorted, packed, wrapped, loaded, transported to the address to be delivered, and rearranged according to the requirements set by the customer in the transaction contract.
All-inclusive office moving service is committed to complying with the scheduled time of the customer, carefully consulting the service, and offering many suitable options for the customer.
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office relocation service
With a detailed service of inventorying furniture and goods before shipping for a clear quote, detailed inspection, and inventory after completion.
  • Commit to 100% damage compensation if the transportation process causes loss of goods, breakage, or damage to equipment.
  • Guaranteed to complete the work on a schedule (it only takes 2-3 hours).
  • Provide office relocation services 24/7, including during holidays.
  • There are many special offers and attractive promotions for loyal customers. Free support of packaging equipment and materials such as foam boxes, PE film, tape, and foam wrap
  • A team of reputable transport specialists with many years of experience.

The process of office transportation service of DHV-group

To be able to quickly solve customer requirements, DHV-group has established a scientific and professional working process with the following steps:

Step 1: Receive customer information

The consultant records and records the information provided by the customer then makes an appointment to meet directly with the customer to refer to the construction work. Our company meets the customer’s steps: survey, make construction plans, prepare bidding documents and represent on behalf of the company’s leadership to present to customers.

Step 2: Survey, quote, and sign contract

Next, employees of the DHV Group will go to the customer’s office to survey and set up transportation and packaging plans for each type of furniture and equipment. The staff will report the related costs as well as report the status of the office moving plan and specific processes to the customer.
When the customer has selected a transportation option for himself, the contract of both parties will be signed and approved and the office will be moved with full terms of responsibility according to the contract.

Step 3: Transport and move the office

The transport staff and the truck will arrive at the right place and at the right time, the relocation site as in the signed contract.
Next, the company’s staff will classify papers/documents; Wrapped with PE film or foam, file bags, cartons; Packing documents according to each type, numbering the order to avoid confusion and loss.
Finally, loading and unloading, and transporting to the new location. Employees of DHV-group company will assist customers in re-installing network equipment, electronic devices, etc., and arrange the delivered items in a reasonable position.

Step 4: Acceptance and payment

After completing and completing all stages as in the contract. The client inspects all furniture, records, equipment, machinery, and property. Then proceed to pay the costs according to the signed contract.


The above article is all the office relocation options of the DHV Group. Hope to help you refer to a lot of useful information in office relocation. Come to our company service always bring the highest efficiency for you.

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