Learn and discover about services – the field of activity of the company DVH-Group

Currently, there are many reputable and quality interior design companies. Especially in this field, DHV-Group must be mentioned. Being a lot of customers interested in the fields of activity. As well as the core value that the company brings. Let’s learn about the fields of activity that DHV-Group brings to customers!
Công ty DVH Group nhận tư vấn xây dựng nhà máy
Top services and areas of activity in Vietnam

The company’s leading areas of activity

It is known that now DHV-Group has been developing in many fields of activity. Take a look at the following areas of activity:

Office design field


Enthusiastic creativity is the top criterion
In this field of office design, the company has services such as Consulting and setting construction costs for customers. Office interior design, office renovation, office relocation.
During the years of operation of DHV-Group. Always working with the criterion is to bring customers the most optimized services. Meet the budget criteria – practical and beautiful.

Real estate sector

For this field, Please agent belongs to DHV-Group. It will be the leading place for the business and development of the real estate industry in Vietnam. It is growing and going to reach the world level. With a staff of experienced and knowledgeable about real estate, always enthusiastic to advise customers.

The field of modern industrial construction

For the field of industrial construction, the company provides package services such as Factory construction consulting, factory construction, solar energy, M.E.P design, and construction. DHV-Group Company is always at the forefront of these services in Vietnam. The company has experts with a deep and wide understanding of the field of industrial construction design.

The field of construction and office interior design activities

This field specializes in providing office furniture. With many attractive service packages. The staff is highly qualified and works with high spirit and responsibility. Will always bring customers the best quality products, fastest. The most reasonable price and comes with a reputable warranty.

Interior design field

The company specializes in interior design with full-service packages such as Designing villas, hotels, apartments, restaurants, offices, With a team of good architects and many new creations. The company will always bring customers a comfortable and beautiful living space. Take your life to the next level.

The field of interior construction activities


văn phòng
Construction of professional office furniture
Besides, GPLease is a subsidiary of DVHGroup. If you want to save time, money, and effort, then immediately come to DHV. The company will help the investor plan ahead, arrange everything. Customers do not need to find materials, prices, construction surveys by themselves. The company will support customers with these services.


Our upper cover is information about the field of operation of the company DHV- Group. We hope that the above article will help our customers have useful references.

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