Office repair is a common occurrence in companies for many different reasons. In particular, the office represents the class of an enterprise or organization. Therefore, investors are always looking for places with reputable services. Coincidentally, DVH- Group can meet that. DVH- Group specializes in designing and renovating the leading prestigious office trusted by customers. Please follow the information below to understand more about this service of our company.

DVH Furniture Company – Group Specializing in Office Renovation Design

Why repair the office?

According to scientific research, the working environment has a great influence on employee performance. No matter what industry your company is in, this is important. If employees can work in a beautiful, airy, impressive place, all stress will be minimized, their working spirit will be enhanced, they can come up with many new ideas and serve customers thoughtfully. . Work, promote your full ability to work, bring the best efficiency at work and bring success to the company.
On the contrary, if the office is too simple and old, it will make the working spirit not high. No matter how enthusiastic you are, the work performance will not be as expected. Therefore, when performing maintenance, we always take every step carefully to avoid errors that affect the quality of work.

Some notes when renovating the office

Some standards that DVH – Group would like to suggest for you to achieve the highest performance in office repair:
  • Usage: It is necessary to ensure that the layout is suitable for each employee’s working position, creating a comfortable working space, ensuring work efficiency.
  • Aesthetics: A beautiful office will be appreciated and resonate well with the company’s partners or customers, thereby making work easier.
  • Sustainability: A beautiful office must always ensure quality, but the quality is not guaranteed, it affects the work progress because the office is designed for long-term use, not for beautiful construction.
  • Economic side: Save unnecessary costs but still ensure to fully meet the quality of the office.
  • Feng shui issues: The final issue is ensuring office feng shui is a must-do to make the way of doing business more convenient. Feng shui elements should pay attention such as light, desk, computer, etc. must be arranged properly. Aim to add more luck and success to the company.

Great advantages when choosing office renovation at DVH – Group

  • Customers will not have to apply for a repair permit themselves: the procedure for obtaining a repair and construction permit is cumbersome, time-consuming, and sometimes poses legal and planning problems. But when using the package office renovation service of DVH – Group, you do not need to worry about it. DVH- Group Company commits 100% to customers about shortening the time to do complicated procedures to create the most favorable conditions during the repair and design process.
  • Free Drawing Design: When customers have not found the best design for themselves, DVH Construction Company – Group will support free 3D drawings for customers to easily view the design without charge. or any other costs incurred.
  • Construction cost estimate: After checking, the office makes a cost estimate for repair, including details of each item of the unit cost of materials and labor.
  • Construction quality assurance: The company always controls well the materials, absolutely ensures the quality and safety of the works
  • Fast delivery: The time to complete the work is always accurate or agreed upon earlier in the contract.


Office renovation service of DVH – Group is always the first choice of investors. Thereby, showing the national quality that our company brings to customers. The trust of our customers is a strong driving force for us.
Design an office, in order to build up a practical and professional working environment for employees. Besides, creating a common space to welcome customers and other offices. With modern office designs, minimalist, sophisticated, or classic style. Even more ideal is the combination with green space, outdoor area with modern equipment… Up to now, this is the trend of real estate office that is of leading interest in the world. Using a unique office will also show the class of a brand, full of prestige in the market. Not only for customers but also for investors.
Office space is a place that shows the size of a company or business. Coming to VixOffice will help you have an office according to your requirements. As a company with construction services of real estate offices, bringing the standard of an interior. We are confident to decorate the office to be impressive. With an experienced team, professional design process, and a determined attitude to support customers. To own separate space, with the right brand color characteristics. VixOffice will support customers with creativity in 10 years of experience.

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