Industrial Park Design/Construction

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Industrial Park Design/Construction is the top concern of investors. The investment and development of a sustainable system of factories, workshops,  and factories will ensure the safety of the whole industrial park. The development is rapid, but the requirements for the infrastructure are always in line with the standards set by the State. So what is the design and construction of the industrial park from the perspective of standards and standards?

Thiết kế xây dựng khu công nghiệp

1.What standards should an industrial park’s construction design meet?

Construction planning standards for industrial zones are set out by the National Technical Regulation on construction planning – QCVN 01:2019/BXD. Accordingly, the design and construction of industrial parks in Vietnam should ensure:


1.1. Environmentally safe distance

+ An important design standard when building an industrial park in compliance with an environmentally safe distance. Especially for areas that can cause pollution in industrial zones: factories, warehouses, waste…

+ With the ATMT distance standard, the industrial park design and construction planning need to meet at least 50% of the land area that must be planted with trees. In addition, no more than 40% of the land area needs planning to arrange parking lots, pumping stations, wastewater treatment stations, and solid waste transfer stations.

+ To ensure environmental safety, industrial parks and warehouses must be designed with green stripes with a width of at least 10m.

+ Apply safe distance when designing construction: roads, parking lots, guardhouses, gates, barriers, power supply works, wastewater treatment plants, wastewater treatment stations, gates, solid waste treatment areas, solid waste transfer stations, industrial works, and garbage storage.

+ Complying with standards with an absolute safe distance from the environment, construction enterprises are not allowed to construct and arrange civil works.

+ In the condition that at the same time ensure the requirements of the environmental safety distance of the above works.

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1.2. Regulation on industrial park construction density

+ Simply put, construction density is the ratio of land that the industrial park builds to the total area of ​​the entire land lot.

+ Construction density is also one of the urgent issues when designing and building industrial parks. This factor also needs to be based on standards on construction techniques & construction planning.

+ The land area must be planned by the company’s development potential and socio-economic development orientation. In addition, industrial park construction design also needs to be synchronized with projects in the planning area.

+ The ratio of each type of land in an industrial park does not have a specific standard, but it also depends on the type and nature of the industrial park, the module area of ​​the land lots for building factories and warehouses.

+ Design standards for the construction of industrial parks need to be implemented to meet the maximum net construction density of 70%. In particular, for land resources used to build factories with 5 production floors, the maximum net construction density is 60%.

+ The minimum required percentage of green land inland lots for plant construction is 20%.


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