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The interior design of the coffee shop, milk tea in accordance with trends, saving costs

Whether your cafe or milk tea shop is small or large, the element of delicious drinks, a beautiful and unique interior space are still two decisive factors for the success of your business. A coffee shop, milk tea has a small area but is designed to create a separate style compared to other shops, giving customers a comfortable and impressive space to check-in, enjoy aromatic drinks, Delicious food next to a special scene, surely those effects will make them unforgettable and continue to visit the restaurant in the next time.

Notes when designing the interior of the cafe

Front of the cafe, milk tea

The first area customers notice when coming to the shop. For example, the front of a cafe for working people needs to be designed simply, avoiding color and fuss. You also need to pay attention to the area of the facade to be able to arrange the space appropriately.

Coffee and milk tea drinking area

This is the main area in every cafe. This is a place for customers to enjoy drinks, chat, take pictures, etc. It is necessary to choose tables and chairs to create a pleasant feeling for customers when sitting. At the same time, the color must also match the general design style. Depending on the area, the shop may have one or more floors, may or may not include the outside area.

thiết kế nội thất quán trà sữa

Coffee and milk tea drinking area

Bar area

The bar should be placed in the most convenient, most visible location. Customers can easily move to the counter to order and pay. This area needs to be designed with ventilation and comfortable walkways. Bars often include ingredients for mixing: syrup, fruit, wine, etc.

Cashier counter area

Usually integrated with the bar. In case of private booking, the cashier counter should be placed in a conspicuous position as soon as you enter the shop. The cashier counter should have enough: menu, order machine, locker, …

Coffee shop interior design trends


In the trend of environmental protection popular around the world, Eco-style has also developed rapidly in recent years. A green space always makes a good impression on customers of all ages. All utensils in the shop such as straws, spoons, cups, etc. must also be environmentally friendly.

thiết kế nội thất quán cafe eco

Eco-style cafe interior

Carpentry style

Suitable for younger customers. The rustic style is often idyllic, rustic, and rustic.

thiết kế nội thất quán cafe mộc

Furniture in rustic style

Minimalist style

The style is as simple as possible with the furniture used in the restaurant. These cafes bring airy with maximum spacious space. However, the idea is simple, but this style is quite picky about customers!

thiết kế nội thất quán cafe tối giản

Minimalist style interior

Vintage style

Being promoted a lot by food bloggers recently with beautiful, eye-catching photos. The combination of old tables and chairs, doors, and curtains brings unexpected effects in today’s cafes.

thiết kế nội thất quán cafe vintage

Vintage cafe interior

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