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Designing hotels and resorts to attract guests – Increase revenue for businesses

Currently, the trend of designing hotels, resorts, and eco-resorts is increasing, capturing the attention of many customers. In order to have a satisfactory project, customers need to master the rules of their own design. DVHDecor will share some experiences related to the design for these items.

Trends of customers coming to stay at hotels and resorts

Most customers want to choose and experience places with impressive resort design, unique but no less luxurious, close to nature, comfortable, cool, and beautiful living space.

Besides, the design of open space is extremely important, should bring natural elements into the living space because customers want to immerse themselves in the simple, rustic, and simple beauty of the natural landscape, frame Peaceful, quiet scenes to relax.

Moreover, the architecture of the resorts should have its own color, have a unique theme and follow clear trends. The interior also needs to be meticulously groomed and creatively decorated, it is necessary to create a particularly luxurious interior space when designing hotels and resorts.

Outstanding hotel and resort design styles

Design hotels and resorts in Asian style

Asian-style resort design is a style always loved by Asians or Asians. The design of this style is a harmonious blend of features of many Eastern cultures. The resort design space in Asian style is often simple, sophisticated but close to nature. At the same time, another feature of this design style is the use of materials of natural origin.

thiết kế nội thất khách sạn Á Đông

Asian style hotel interior

Design hotels and resorts in a modern style

Designing hotels and resorts in modern style is also one of the resort design styles that many investors love and choose today. A special feature of modern design style is the meticulousness in decoration and arrangement of furniture, modern and novel facilities, to best serve the needs of customers. This is an impressive hotel and resort design style that is slightly oriented towards sea tourism.

thiết kế nội thất khách sạn hiện đại

Modern style hotel interior

Designing country-style hotels and resorts

Country-style hotels and resorts are popular for their peaceful beauty and fresh space. This style gives hotels and resorts a space filled with green trees and flowers, giving people a sense of freedom, blending with nature. From architectural lines, interior and exterior materials to the hotel and resort landscape, all are selected according to the country theme.

thiết kế nội thất khách sạn đồng quê

Country style hotel interior

European-style hotel and resort design

Hotels and resorts are designed in European style, bringing extremely special beauty; attracting tourists from all over the world. This style always pleases even the most demanding guests. This style is popular because it has high aesthetic value, helping to raise the level of hotels and resorts. This architectural style requires meticulousness and meticulousness to every line. That is why European-style luxury hotels and resorts often attract high-class tourists

thiết kế nội thất khách sạn châu Âu

European style hotel furniture

A unit specializing in architectural design, hotel and resort interior design

Today, there are many units specializing in interior design construction. However, not every company that works for is reputable and responsible. Therefore, DVHDecor was born as the best solution for you with professional, classy, trendy, and affordable designs. With a team of dedicated professional consultants, enthusiastic service, understanding customer needs, DVHDecor is the smart choice for you.

DVHDecor is a unit specializing in the design and construction of architecture and interiors for leading hotels and resorts in Vietnam. With many years of experience in the profession and many projects, along with a team of dedicated and dedicated staff who are always creative, we are committed to bringing customers aesthetic and quality works, Luxury, class, and cost savings.

When choosing DVHDecor we are committed to giving our customers the best experience, the best options that suit their needs. Besides, we also help you to balance your finances reasonably, following your development situation and future orientation. We promise that when you put your full trust in DVHDecor, you will receive values beyond your expectations and feel extremely satisfied with the service we provide. Let us be your partner and make your dreams come true.

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