Create a highlight with a personal industrial style

It is not wrong to say that the house style partly speaks to the personality and characteristics of the owner. If you are a simple person, with a strong, liberal personality, and want to have your own substance, the industrial style personality is born for you.

Learn about industrial style personality

Industrial style personality is a trend that originated in Europe around the beginning of the twentieth century. This design seems to go against the glossy, flashy look of Europe at that time. This is a beauty with a rustic and simple style, but with a bit of boldness, strength and dynamic personality.
Materials are mainly made of wood and iron, creating a simple look but still ensuring good functionality and aesthetics.

The essence of industrial style personality

Open space, ensuring spaciousness and coolness is the essence of this design. In apartments and bedrooms, if you want to create a similar feeling, you can still easily do them by arranging glass windows, skylights…or minimizing the interior of the house.

Color coordination

In any design, too, color coordination is always the first thing to focus on because they are almost the key factor that creates a unique feature in each style. The art of space in this style is shown in the dominant gray tones. Create a youthful, dynamic, but also full of enthusiasm like young people. Bringing to the space an attractive and lively beauty.

Interior style

In a space designed in a rustic style with raw brick walls. Cement floors, concrete columns, steel-framed ventilation pipes give a breath of old age. Then put on a coat by the color file paint combined with the comfortable furniture of the modern world. Blending together, supporting each other to create a spatial resonance. Not only not heavy old breath, but also extremely dynamic, personality, bold, strong.


The highlight comes from each person’s creativity. You can use many different decor styles for the room, as long as they are related and show strength. In addition, highlighting the surrounding interior thanks to dark carpeting is also a pretty good proposition for a personal industrial style.


Some notes when using industrial style personality

This is undeniably a style that brings to life the freshness, health and dynamism of youth. But there are also a few things to keep in mind:

Simplicity is a priority

If you love pictures, wall hangings, tables… then don’t hesitate to start decorating them. However, do not put too many objects and furniture in the space to avoid feeling cramped and confused. Minimizing is the best option if you want to pursue this type of design.

Choose the right color

This style is suitable for muted or monochromatic colors. So be careful not to mix too many colors together. Not only does it not show all the beauty inside the industrial style personality. It also makes people look dazzled and confused because of the color.

Clever in layout

If you still do not know how to arrange or choose the appropriate layout, what you need to do right now is to find a reputable address. The place will help you handle any problems that arise with a team of expert, agile and enthusiastic consultants. Handling and consulting effectively until you feel satisfied. A facility with a reputation for prestige cannot fail to mention GIA PHONG (GP) belonging to DVH group company.

Gia Phong – Prestigious industrial style construction unit

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