Intermediate Office Chairs in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi City, Da Nang City, Vietnam. VixFurniture is a company specializing in the production of office chairs. VixFurniture chairs all meet Ergonomic features or the BIFMA 5.1 standard of the Corporate and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association.

With the slogan “SIT WITH US, YOU NO ONE ESLSE – SITS WITH US, FULL EVERYTHING YOU NEED”, Epsilon is committed to bringing a difference in professional service style; progress, fast delivery time; optimal after-sales mode… creating added values ​​for office furniture as well as bringing the highest satisfaction to customers. Office chairs are one of the most important items in any workspace, especially the growing office furniture market in Vietnam.

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Office chairs currently on the market are quite expensive. However, there are still mid-level office chairs suitable for the needs of each user. This type of chair is also becoming more and more popular around the world because of its affordable price, suitable for many people’s pockets. Mid-range chairs now also have many options and models, from many different brands. Follow up in the next post!

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1. Types of popular mid-level office chairs today

1.1. According to material

Mid-level office chairs are now available in a variety of materials with different durability. Typically leather, mesh, elastic, felt, … So, with different feelings and needs, you can choose the right one.


This material is always popular with mid-range and high-end office chairs. Customers always feel luxurious and modern when using it. To serve many different customer groups, the manufacturer also chooses imitation leather with a variety of designs.

Mesh material

With mesh material, you can completely separate the seat cushion and seat back for easy cleaning. You are completely assured of the outstanding benefit of this material, which is breathable mesh fabric, which eliminates sweat accumulation, and is good for health.

Elastic material

Users feel comfortable while working with high-quality elastic construction. Reducing electrical charge is also the reason many people choose to use elastic material for hot summer days.

Felt material

Mid-level felt office chairs are also popular today. Because it gives users a feeling of luxury and comfort at an affordable price. Felt material wrapped around the outer layer firmly helps the chair become more square and beautiful. However, this material also has a slight disadvantage that causes a feeling of heat in the hot summer.

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Mid-level office chair material

1.2. By design

Office chair with swivel legs

With the flexibility to move, adjust the appropriate height, the swivel chair is also the optimal choice for office workers. Stressful working hours can be dispelled by a feeling of sure smoothness. The chair design with a moderate curve helps users shape and support the entire back, reducing fatigue when working.

Kneeling office chair

Unlike the mid-level office chair with swivel legs, the kneeling leg is designed with the backrest attached to the seat. This is still the traditional design but expands the workspace more than the swivel foot. Users also feel comfortable while working even for long periods.

2. The importance of mid-level and high-end office chairs

Working 8 hours at the office has caused many employees to experience many health problems with back pain, muscle tension, shoulder and neck pain, stress. And your companion is none other than the office chair. So choosing a good quality friend is essential. Mid-range and high-end office chairs are fully responsive, providing a smooth and comfortable feeling when working. With many different prices and needs, you also choose the right product.

3.Why choose VixFurniture mid-range office chair?

VixFurniture is a unit specializing in manufacturing mid-range and high-end office chairs nationwide. With mid-to-high-end office swivel chair products, you can rest assured when buying here because the products have clear production documents and have a long service life. In addition, VixFurniture always updates various models in terms of materials, colors, designs… suitable for many different design styles.

If you are looking for a genuine and reputable mid-level office chair business unit, professional consulting, and construction, come to VixFurniture immediately. We always advise and support you quickly. Coming to us, customers can completely trust the aesthetics, construction progress, and professionalism in the working process.

Intermediate Office Chairs in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi City, Da Nang City, Vietnam. VixFurniture is a company specializing in the production of office chairs. VixFurniture chairs all meet Ergonomic features or the BIFMA 5.1 standard of the Corporate and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association.

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