Every bride wants to look the most beautiful on her wedding day and put on the most attractive wedding dress. Below, DVH Group would like to share with you a few criteria in the design of a wedding dress showroom.

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Criteria in wedding dress showroom design

Marriage is the most important event in a person’s life, especially for a girl. Every bride wants to look the most beautiful on her wedding day and put on the most attractive wedding dress. Therefore, the bride and groom always want to find the prestigious wedding dress showroom to choose the best wedding suit for themselves. Therefore, wedding dress showroom owners who want to attract the bride and groom need to focus on the design of their showroom. Below, DVH Group would like to share with you a few criteria in the design of a wedding dress showroom.

Determine the style for the wedding dress showroom

Wedding dress showroom design


The first and also very important thing is to choose the style for your wedding dress showroom. To have an attractive showroom, you need to determine how you want to design the showroom to both ensure uniqueness, attraction and satisfy the preferences of the showroom owner. You need to refer to the current market for the design of wedding dress showrooms to choose a design style for yourself.


Some design styles are popular today such as modern design style, luxury style, classic style. Each style has its charm, as long as you grasp the main idea of ​​each style, you can design your showroom.


For example, for a modern style, you should choose neutral colors such as white, beige, brown, … objects often have simple lines, neatly arranged. And the lighting system has different brightness and darkness for each space. This modern style makes your showroom both elegant and cost-effective.

Design the lighting system and color to match the style of the showroom

 Choose the color for the wedding dress showroom

The color of the wedding dress showroom is also important, which needs to be in harmony other furniture. Instead of choosing too colorful colors for a luxurious design style, you should choose more appropriate elegant colors.


Just like the color, you should also choose the light, the color of the light should not be too colorful. Both the color and the color of the lamp should be pure, warm colors, bringing a feeling of happiness to customers.


Wedding dress showroom interior design


The interior space of the showroom encourages you to design so that it is unique, creating a unique feature for your showroom. Choosing the interior design style also needs to match the general design style of the showroom. 


Please coordinate objects such as cabinets, display shelves of wedding gowns, tables and chairs, curtains, other decorative objects. Make sure it is harmonious and beautiful, should not be overused or it will make your showroom become eye confusion.


Therefore, when designing the interior, you should arrange how to enhance the beauty of the wedding dresses. From that creating the feeling of wanting to try all the wedding dress samples of the customer.


Designing other spaces for the wedding dress showroom


Areas such as the display area, makeup area, fitting room, reception area are all necessary areas for a showroom. So you need to arrange these areas in a way that is most suitable and easy for customers. The area of ​​​​the areas needs to be divided scientifically, not too large but comfortable and convenient for customers. It will be a plus point if there is a tea table for relatives to accompany the bride and groom right next to the fitting room.

The most important note in the interior design of the showroom is that it is neat and scientific. So that it will bring customers comfort, comfort and also enhance the beauty of your wedding dress showroom.

Wedding dress showroom design


In addition, the large mirrors helps the showroom space look larger and helps customers see themselves easily in the mirror. And use a lot of mannequins placed near the main door, the window facing the outside to attract more attention.


So in the design of the showroom, you need to combine synchronously and harmoniously the elements from style, interior layout to color, light,… The market today has a lot of wedding dress showrooms so you should Find professional design units. Pick up the phone and contact DVH Group immediately to receive the best, scientific and personalized wedding dress design consultation.


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